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Zynga Poker Chips and Casino GOLD Hack

(The ScreenShot of Zynga Poker Hack)

The Zynga Poker Hack trainer that we provide has the following features:


  •  Zynga Poker Chips Freeze Hack: this hack will make the chips to freeze to the amount you have and stop them from increasing or decreasing. In the following sections, we will further elaborate how you can use the hack with the Game Botting feature.
  • Always All In: this feature will allow you always go All in almost every round. You can make people really confused by using it in combination of Freeze Chips feature which you got with Zynga Poker Hack.
  • Reveal All Hands: we gladly present you the most demanded features of revealing All Hands. Obviously, this feature allows you to see hands of everyone. For instance, the Ace and a King combination are shown as A|K above the
    opponent’s hand if they have that combination with using Zynga Poker Hack.
  • Force Folds: you can enable this feature at the beginning of the round once the dealing has completed and use it when your opponents start checking or folding with Zynga Poker Hack. This is a very useful feature for high blinds tables and allows you easily win the blinds.
  • Kick All From The Table: once the round has ended, you can use this feature to kick everyone from the table.
  • Reverse Direction: this feature if enabled reverses the direction, and the moves become counter clockwise. This unexpected move may induce mistakes from other players or piss them off. More details about Zynga Poker Hack you can find down.

Download Zynga Poker Hack:

Zynga Poker Hack

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Zynga Poker Hack

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Zynga Poker Hack



Zynga Poker Chips Hack

Zynga Poker Hack Created and Tested by Fury Team

For sometimes, we are testing Zynga Poker Hack Trainer in VIP.  Mostly, VIPs don’t like to share it, and so we have decided to release it to the public. VIP used has become tired of using Zynga Poker Hack.
Zynga Poker Hack doesn’t show up any entertaining change to the game-play even though the VIP version has some extra fun. There is hardly any difference between the public and the private releases, for example with Zynga Poker Chips Hack you can add unlimited chips to your account. To avoid any chances of getting patched, we won’t like to go into the details. We would provide the features of the hacks in the public trainer as follows.

You may have seen many videos on YouTube making promises for something  like Zynga Poker Chips Hack or Zynga Poker Casino Gold Hack, but we don’t provide any such thing in our Zynga Poker trainer. There is nothing like a chip hack, which is free of cost. All of these promises are disguised attempts of stealing your identity and Facebook personal account information. So we offer you hundred percent safe programs, and you don’t need to buy any chips from online vendors! We are publishing only working stuffs, so Zynga Poker Hack by ExtFiles.com (Fury Team) is solution for you!

Is Zynga Poker Hack, Safe to use, Can they Ban me?

Zynga Poker Hack is 100% undetected, and your account will never get banned. Now how you can use bot feature (Zynga Poker Chips and Casino Gold Trainer / Hack / Cheat Engine)? How you can harvest chips or get lots of chips by using Zynga Poker Hack Chips Trainer? As a smart player you must have easily got the point how you can combine the chip botting system with Zynga poker hacks to get good amounts of chips.

For your help, here is the walk through. You need two computers and if you don’t have two computers you can still use virtual PC simulators such as Virtualbox or VMware. Enable Freeze Chips feature on your one dummy account for which you don’t want to collect the chips. After freezing chips, you need to enable always all In. If you still need help with Zynga Poker Hack, use our support center! Zynga Poker Cheat Engine is Scanned and Clean!

Why to Pay? When You can get it Free with Zynga Poker Hack!

Now you can start the Winbot for the account you want to collect additional Zynga Poker  chips and use Lossbot for the dummy you have. I think you must have got the point. Zynga Poker Cheat Engine is originally created by Fury Team, and only at ExtaFiles.com you can find working and original Zynga Poker Cheat Tool. If you issue any trouble with Zynga Poker Trainer feel free to contact us!

There are other ways as well to make good use of botting features in other combinations; however, this feature is the quickest and easiest method to gain lots of chips, particularly if the dummy account has a good amount of Chips. The download links for our Zynga Poker Hack are provided in the program section.

Zynga Texas Holdem Poker Hack / Trainer Options
Zynga Texas Holdem Poker Hack

•    Select your browser from the Settings tab.
•    Using your mouse or hotkeys select the hacks you want to enable.
•    Using the share buttons or Facebook likes, you can share with your friends if you want to.

Enjoy using Zynga Poker Hack / Trainer


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